Thursday, September 17, 2009


Strapped Wildlife
Skytop Wildlife
Skytop Distressed Black-Gold

Skytop Black Pony Fur
Indy Black-Gold Distressed
Indy Black Pony Fur

The Infamous Supra Shoes, needs no introduction. A favourite pair from Pro Skateboarders,Sports figures,recording artist etc. As a start, we would like to hype it up by releasing a few of the exclusives supra in the NS collection. As for the other models, we will have it in store by the following months or so. Stay tuned for more killer shoes coming our way from supra shoes. The collection is of the hook.
"Supra's Baby, You Need to try some New Things!"
And yeah not forgettin' Jay-Z's BLUEPRINT 3 has dropped like a week ago! go get em, dont download!