Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hi yall! to commemorate the launch for the new Preduce Skate Video that is happening this coming weekend, Krookz is proud to host our brothers from across here at our spot on saturday 30th of May 2009 at 3PM. The night before all of us including the Preduce Crew will be at Barsonic at 8pm onwards for the official launch and on sunday at Shah Alam Skatepark for a skatedemo. I assume most of yall have got some leads regarding this via facebook,streething and the dope poster and flyer, courtesy of preduce. So if you guys would wanna get your hands on them DVD's for FREE and also an autograph from the familia themselves, i suggest yall head down to krookz on saturday at 3pm sharp!! Be here before we all head off elsewhere!! hehe! Lights refreshments will be served during the day also. Of course we at krookz wont let our people thirst! you know how we do.
see yall saturday!!