Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st of the April Latest drop.

Authentic Cog Chain white/black

Authentic black/white cog chain (3m lining)

(Vans Era 45 Cypress Lime Green)

Vans Era Black/Mineral

Vans Era 45 Black/Orange Cog Chain

Whats good fellas, i know yall been waiting for something new to match you steps and its been awhile since we at krookz can cater for u guys something neat and fresh. But the wait is over for this month because we just received 5 new designs of shoes that is a must get due to the chill design and the affordable price. So Above it the pics of them shoes but id suggest you guys come thru to try them on cause seeing is believing right? haha.
see yall soon fellas!
more to come this month! watch.