Tuesday, December 9, 2008


ON FRIDAY, the BKK boys finally made it out of the airport to be here in KL for the King of Gap Competition, that was held a day after they touched down in KL. Preduce Squad which was lead by Simon Pellaux, dropby our little store for some meet and greet with other skaters from Singapore and Borneo Island. Things went well as were given some Skate DVD from Preduce and also get to see and keep the sample t's of their new designs thats set to be in out store somewhere in this month. We hope to see you guys again in KL! Big UPs to PREDUCE and Congrats to Lert Saeri for claiming the KING OF GAP tittle the  next day during the  competition. His majesty claimed the throwned and is ready to take on any GAP challenges, If u manage to see the DVD from Preduce, that will explain why He is the KING oF Gap, because it showed that Sunway was nothing.! good luck in the future LERT!

PREDUCE SKATEBOARDS is a skateboard company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The idea behind Preduce was to create a company made by skateboarders for skateboarders in Thailand and to help develop the scene here. We simply wishes to put Thai skating on the map! The place is not really famous in the skateboard world yet, but time has come to reveal the big amount of good spots and the skills of the locals riders. The Preduce team consists of Geng Jakkarin, Tao Kitpullap, Lert Saeri, Yannick Jobin, Ryan Sripeastja, Kyle Brown, Leo Anzevui.